CGP Grey Song

A song celebrating the work of CGP Grey, the creator of many fantastic educational videos.
All video clips created by CGP Grey, used with his kind permission.
Lyrics and music by Alan.

There was a time when education meant
Learning things that weren't interesting or relevant
Slumped at a desk feeling most unimpressed
When the teacher said we should be excited by the surprise test

Wouldn't it be great, to learn for learning's sake
A desire to have complex things simply explained
Will there come a day when boredom could be kept at bay
Is the future bright or is the future grey?

Welcome to the jungle we've got fun and politics
The lions recognise that their government needs fixed
Protestors say that leaders should be chosen using votes
The system that elect for - first past the post
Watch the animal parties as they each join the race
Turtles, monkeys, gorillas, owls, tigers, leopards and the snakes
As time went by parties declined until only 2 remained
(the pitfalls of FPTP) a complex thing simply explained

Welcome to the UK we've got confusing geography
England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are all separate countries
But when these countries assemble you create the United Kingdom
If you subtract Nothern Ireland, you're left with Great Britain
If you want the British Isles add the republic of Irealnd
But remember Ireland's not a country it's just an island
And when you relaise there are loads of British islands I'vve not yet named
(you better visit CGP Grey) complex things simply explained

Welcome to the world we've got continents galore
5, 6, 7 , over 9000 - maybe more
Welcome to the slar system it's not an easy as you'd hoped
Pluto's not a planet - what, is this a joke?
Will 2012 see the end of the world and if so who will save us?
But more importantly how should we pronounce Uranus?
History, taxonomy, keeping you informed and entertained
Complex things simply explained

Addressing misconceptions, belive me there are many
Cheering the disappareance of every single penny
When you've got a yearnin' for some learning' let this man lead the way
You know his name - CGP Grey!

I'm playing a Korg M50 keyboard, making use of drum loops 251 and 252. Voices used are the Stereo Grand Piano, Arco Strings, Kalimba, French Horn Ensemble, Mono Brass and various sound effects and percussion sounds. I recorded the tracks using Audacity (woo!) and laboriously stitched the video together using Windows Movie Maker (boo!).

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